Specializing in small riveting parts that are omnipresent in our lives.

"Small parts of life, big keys of industry"! With more than 40 years of experience in OEM / ODM development and manufacturing of all kinds of rivets, Rivet Industrial has been focusing on the field of small parts such as rivets and fasteners, which are ubiquitous in daily life applications, with the spirit of extreme cultivation, and has built up outstanding strength in research and development as well as cold forging technology step by step. We are capable of customizing and manufacturing various kinds of special solid / hollow / hollow rivets / multi-layer rivets and other threaded / unthreaded fasteners as well as small metal fasteners such as male and female nails, male and female screws, nails, eyelets, snap fasteners and other small metal fasteners according to customer's samples and materials of all grades. After two generations of experience and continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, AMPLELONG has become the preferred OEM / ODM manufacturer of rivets and other fasteners commissioned by many domestic and foreign customers.

Why Choose Rivet

  • Strong collaborative development capability and cold forging molding technology capability.
  • Development solutions for the fully integrated manufacturing of rivets and fastening fasteners in all material sizes.
  • OEM / ODM professional OEM production, with the ability to quickly respond to market and customer demand.
  • The number of machines is large and the production capacity is high.
  • Publicly owned molds are plentiful and inexpensive to develop.
  • Strong software and hardware and the factory has a number of masters of human resources development advantage.
  • Passed ISO 9001-2015 international quality certification.
  • Ability to reduce customers' supply chain, shorten product development cycle, lower manufacturing costs, and create customer value.