Rivet Industrial's core competencies are production flexibility, high mobility in product design and mold development, and a focus on customer service to meet customer needs.Our product range extends from standard rivets to highly specialized custom rivets, offering any head style, length, material and surface treatment, all in one single process. The diversity of our riveting products means that we are able to design, manufacture and engineer both customized and off-the-shelf products; start production quickly, allowing customers to significantly shorten their production cycles, obtain products with high reliability and lower development costs, and export them 100% manufactured in Taiwan with guaranteed quality.

We have the ability to integrate the development of various riveting and fastening structures.

Single-stroke/multi-stroke automated production lines with highly integrated production process capability.

Whether it is a simple single cold forging molding, or the need for multiple molds and multiple impulse molding, from the mold design to optimize the entire process engineering arrangements, with high efficiency automated production lines, Rivet has the ability to achieve a single molding, do not need to carry out a number of processing steps in the equipment and core technology, which not only can accelerate our production speed, improve production efficiency, shorten the production cycle, save raw material waste and energy consumption, the production costs have a positive impact, but also can greatly reduce the product defective rate, improve product quality and reliability.