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Focus. Over 40 Years of Excellence

Based on more than 40 years of experience in OEM / ODM development and manufacturing of all kinds of rivets, Rivet Industrial has been focusing on the field of small parts such as all kinds of rivets and fasteners, which are ubiquitous in daily life applications, with the spirit of extreme cultivation since its establishment in 1980, and has built up strong R&D capabilities and cold forging molding technology step by step. Today, we have developed into the most value-added manufacturing process integration professional manufacturer in Taiwan for the full range of rivets series of fasteners and fasteners, with the ability to customize various special solid/hollow/hollow rivets and other fasteners and small hardware fasteners such as male/female rivets, eyelets, and snap fasteners, etc. based on customers' samples, drawings, and all grades of materials, and have been able to pass on our experience for the past two generations and continue to refine our manufacturing technology. Rivet has become the first choice of OEM / ODM manufacturing of rivets and other fastening fasteners commissioned by many domestic and foreign customers, with up to 95% of the orders being repeated transactions, which is highly recognized by the customers.

ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Certification

Based on over 40 years of OEM / ODM development and manufacturing experience, we can provide you with helpful collaborative design and development, as well as professional advice on the best process technology integration information, such as recommended materials and heat treatments, surface treatments, the most economical manufacturing methods, and customized or customized dimensional recommendations, and can also provide you with the R&D development testing and prototyping you need for your new product components, to help you shorten the development time of your new product quickly and efficiently. We can also provide you with the R&D testing and sampling of new product components to help you shorten the development time of your new products quickly and efficiently. In order to shorten the delivery days of orders, pursue superior quality and maintain product consistency, we have implemented four mechanisms, including feasibility assessment, order production scheduling, mold management, and production and sales coordination, to achieve the goal of shortening the delivery days of orders, and we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 international quality certification in 2018 to further strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Our Mission 

As a value-added riveting and fastening development plant, we pride ourselves on helping our customers to achieve higher quality and more economical costs! 


鉚釘緊固件之開發非常倚賴老師傅級別的技術工程人員,在這方面寬長擁有 比同業更具優勢的人力資源,生產線上即有10位能迅速架設模具的資深工程 老師傅,配合落實四大生產管理機制,不但能節省換模時間,提升自動化設 備的稼動率,進而提高生產效率及產能,更能達到一致的品質與縮短交貨時 間的目標。

Because of its excellent performance, Rivet has been favored by many famous manufacturers, such as Wei-Sheng Electric, Shun-De Industry, and Shang-Yin Technology, all of which are listed companies. The products manufactured by Kuan-Chang can pass strict quality inspections, and have been recognized and used by domestic and foreign large-scale factories, and have been marketed throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Deeply cultivated in Taiwan.Globalization. Sustainable Development

Rivet's efficiency in project development and execution is very high, and we have been steadily deepening cooperation with enterprises from all over the world. Rivet's products are not only sold in Taiwan, but also in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, and so on, more than 10 countries, promoting Taiwan riveting products to the international market, and Kuan-Chang is aiming at the goal of sustainable development and continuous training of young people to join the company and introducing new software and hardware equipment. In the future, Rivet will aim at sustainable business development and continue to train young newcomers to join the company, as well as introduce various new hardware and software equipment, to continue to improve and create better products and teams, we expect to be able to more professional technical research and development capabilities, excellent quality and market competitiveness, to become the customer in the field of fasteners in the best OEM / ODM cooperation team, with integrity and enthusiasm to continue to serve our customers.