Cold Forging Equipment Production Line

We use advanced and precise cold forging molding machines and multi-stroke cold forging molding machines to produce rivets and fasteners. At present, we have 1-mold 2-stroke automated production line, 2-mold 4-stroke high-speed precision cold forging molding equipment production line and groove cutting machine and other main production equipment, totaling nearly 100 production equipment, with high efficiency and high production capacity, can produce line diameter Ø1mm ~ Ø12mm, length of up to 140 mm riveting fastening fasteners products, to provide customers with more flexible and diversified advantages in rapid development and mass production.

QC Inspection Equipment

We are committed to producing solid products that meet the highest level of safety, high durability, stability and reliability, and insist on 100% development and production in our own factory in Taiwan. Our quality control laboratory is equipped with a full range of testing instruments, including image measuring instruments, high-resolution microscopes, hardness testers, salt spray testers, and so on, and we have implemented stringent quality control throughout the entire production process from "incoming inspection", "in-process inspection", "reliability performance test", and "finished product inspection", which ensures that our products have a high level of reliable quality.

High Resolution Projector

Image Measuring Instrument